Quickbooks Items vs Expenses


What is the difference between Expenses and Items in Quickbooks 2012

If you want to know when to use Items and when to use Expenses, I found the answer right here:

Now, let’s have a quick chat about expense Items in QuickBooks. Let’s say you Write a Check. You’ll notice two tabs: expenses and items. If you’re writing this check because you bought a chair to sit in and more comfortably file expenses, you’ll use the “expenses” tab. However, if you bought a computer program which you will re-sell to a client as part of your services, you’ll use the ‘Items’ tab. The difference is what ends up happening to the thing you bought – if the thing stays with you, and is for general use, it’s an expense. If the thing is going anywhere else, to a client or to a job you’re working on, it’s an item.


This is Beautiful. Thank you for explaining it so clearly!

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