Deleting auto saved drop down usernames in Mac

Okay. So here’s one that has been EATING ME for months!!!

You know when you put in your username, or some other auto saved data, in a form, and the site saves it for your convenience? Yeah – so it’s very convenient. UNLESS you misspelled the info. Then it is an IRREVOCABLE p.i.t.a. that stays forever and a day. Back in my days of pc usage, I would just highlight the offending entry and click the delete button.

Enter the world of Mac (hello Steve J!) and all of a sudden, I am stuck forever with this annoyance of a mistake that NEVER goes away.

Now, I know. I hear you “Geniuses” and other MAC enthusiasts going “but, all you really need to do is just…” – shut up.

I didn’t learn it until today, so I am going to assume there is at least one more idiot out there like me and I’m here to help him/her. So, WELCOME, idiots of the Mac world. Thank you for stopping by.

For this lesson you will need

1. a Mac
2. a browser
3. an pre-remembered auto filler for a form field that you don’t mind to delete.

Go to the offending entry,
Hold Shift, and fn and then hit the delete button.


buhbye baby!!

I’m on a mad tear –  I’ll be finding all the places I have this issue and killing them. YAY!

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