Google Voice – “forward to Chat” option deleted

Okay, so I made a few mistakes in my life.
But this one I didn’t even know where to start.

I was having trouble, because I have a google voice account hooked up to my Obi110 Obitalk box.
And the phone attached to the Obi box would not ring when I called my google voice line, no matter what I tried.
Other forwarding lines rang when I called the Google Voice (GV) line, but the Obi110 would not ring.

Google voice settings

google voice settings

Then I remembered I had recently changed the name on the account, and the email address (I’m using google apps for business) and the “google chat” forwarding “number” was the old email address. AHA! I reasoned. just change that address. So there was no place to change the address, but there was a “delete” button.

So, (I can hear many of you yelling already – “don’t touch the delete button, noooooo!”) I deleted it.
I figured it would grow back like a worm. Apparently, google voice is not a worm.
Now I’m screwed. I’ve lost google chat FOREVER. Searching through forums for hours I finally find a help topic on google that peripherally addresses a similar topic and basically says “Google voice will auto-regenerate your chat forwarding and calling option much like a worm when you go into your MAIL application and dial a phone number of a contact or in an email DIRECTLY from within mail.

I quickly busted open gmail, found an email with a phone number in it. Clicked it, watched the keypad dialog box on the bottom right pop up as the number was dialed. Hit the red “end” phone icon, and went back to voice settings.
Refreshed settings and viola! There was the google chat forwarding option – and it was the current address.

I quickly picked up my cell phone and dialed my google voice number, and listened in joy and harmony as the phone attached to the Obi110 ObiTalk device rang the landline attached to it. In fact, I’m still listening to it.
It’s like elevator music, only there are no strangers around and you’re not actually going up or down. Whatever!
Glad this bleek is fixed. Hope this saves you some time and pain!

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