“The network folder specified is currently mapped using a different user name and password”, when trying to connect to a drive remotely.

“The network folder specified is currently mapped using a different user name and password”, when trying to connect to a drive remotely.

What a pain!
I know I’m not connected, but it won’t let me connect.
The problem here is with the error message.
Really what they meant to say was ‘there is a share in use that is blocking you. Go to command prompt and type
net use

Anything there?
So delete it
net use /delete /(share name)

Now you’re good to go!

More details here:


GoDaddy does something right! (google apps mx records)

So we ALL know how annoying it is to setup mx records.
It’s a mess- getting into the dns settings, futzing around. Finding the mx records and updating them.making sure to delete the old ones, setup priority…

I just found that GoDaddy (of all the annoying hosts) has a tool that is so simple it falls under the category of the good old – wham bamm thank you maam – convention. (I think it was held in Geneva)

Here’s the trip:
Go here:

login with your godaddy info and confirm the name of the domain you want to setup with googleapps.
That’s it –
Half an hour later – and you’re good!!!!
(although they officially say it might take 24-48 hours. w/e)

Me Likeeeeee!!!!!


AliPay Contact info

So I was trying to pay for something on Ali Express, and they closed my order – effectively cancleing it.
They said they needed me to verify my credit card info and identity.
Fair enough.
What’s the procedure?
(enter the “you’ve got to be kidding me” experience)
First, click on “make a claim” about the order.
Then find the link to upload your docs.
Now, choose the docs you want to upload, one at a time.
Oops- the message field is mandatory…
Now submit.
Now wait.
oooops – your request timed out.
Okay – do it again.
Find the help documents…fast forward half an hour….
okay – clear cookies, use firefox or internet explorer….
So I contact customer care.
Oh wait – how do you contact customer care?!

Okay – found it –
Hey tels me “sorry, nothing to do about payments until the am (in china) when the alipay dept gets up and gets to work.

Fine, how do I get a hold of them?
“wait – i’ll look it up”

At any rate – here is the contact info for alipay’s payment experts and billing team:

If you want to call them – here is a great resource I found online:


Official Windows 7 SP1 ISO Image Downloads

Digital River has the downloads for the iso of windows 7 sp1 for 32 bit and 64 bit OS. In multiple languages!

Here’s a link to a great resource that has a list of the iso’s

From w7forum’s page:

These are NOT illegal – These are just the download links for Windows 7 SP1 ISO which is a retail wrap that offers a 30-day trial period. You need to activate your Windows afterwards with a genuine license activation key to continue using it. Downloading these files from Digital River is absolutely legal and completely free of charge.

Enjoy – I know I had to search for it – hope you find it easily.

While you’re here – shop at ?
They have great deals!


Deleting auto saved drop down usernames in Mac

Okay. So here’s one that has been EATING ME for months!!!

You know when you put in your username, or some other auto saved data, in a form, and the site saves it for your convenience? Yeah – so it’s very convenient. UNLESS you misspelled the info. Then it is an IRREVOCABLE p.i.t.a. that stays forever and a day. Back in my days of pc usage, I would just highlight the offending entry and click the delete button.

Enter the world of Mac (hello Steve J!) and all of a sudden, I am stuck forever with this annoyance of a mistake that NEVER goes away.

Now, I know. I hear you “Geniuses” and other MAC enthusiasts going “but, all you really need to do is just…” – shut up.

I didn’t learn it until today, so I am going to assume there is at least one more idiot out there like me and I’m here to help him/her. So, WELCOME, idiots of the Mac world. Thank you for stopping by.

For this lesson you will need

1. a Mac
2. a browser
3. an pre-remembered auto filler for a form field that you don’t mind to delete.

Go to the offending entry,
Hold Shift, and fn and then hit the delete button.


buhbye baby!!

I’m on a mad tear –  I’ll be finding all the places I have this issue and killing them. YAY!


Quickbooks Items vs Expenses


What is the difference between Expenses and Items in Quickbooks 2012

If you want to know when to use Items and when to use Expenses, I found the answer right here:

Now, let’s have a quick chat about expense Items in QuickBooks. Let’s say you Write a Check. You’ll notice two tabs: expenses and items. If you’re writing this check because you bought a chair to sit in and more comfortably file expenses, you’ll use the “expenses” tab. However, if you bought a computer program which you will re-sell to a client as part of your services, you’ll use the ‘Items’ tab. The difference is what ends up happening to the thing you bought – if the thing stays with you, and is for general use, it’s an expense. If the thing is going anywhere else, to a client or to a job you’re working on, it’s an item.


This is Beautiful. Thank you for explaining it so clearly!

Ht : PROonGO


Google Voice – “forward to Chat” option deleted

Okay, so I made a few mistakes in my life.
But this one I didn’t even know where to start.

I was having trouble, because I have a google voice account hooked up to my Obi110 Obitalk box.
And the phone attached to the Obi box would not ring when I called my google voice line, no matter what I tried.
Other forwarding lines rang when I called the Google Voice (GV) line, but the Obi110 would not ring.

Google voice settings

google voice settings

Then I remembered I had recently changed the name on the account, and the email address (I’m using google apps for business) and the “google chat” forwarding “number” was the old email address. AHA! I reasoned. just change that address. So there was no place to change the address, but there was a “delete” button.
So, (I can hear many of you yelling already – “don’t touch the delete button, noooooo!”) I deleted it.
I figured it would grow back like a worm. Apparently, google voice is not a worm.
Now I’m screwed. I’ve lost google chat FOREVER. Searching through forums for hours I finally find a help topic on google that peripherally addresses a similar topic and basically says “Google voice will auto-regenerate your chat forwarding and calling option much like a worm when you go into your MAIL application and dial a phone number of a contact or in an email DIRECTLY from within mail.

I quickly busted open gmail, found an email with a phone number in it. Clicked it, watched the keypad dialog box on the bottom right pop up as the number was dialed. Hit the red “end” phone icon, and went back to voice settings.
Refreshed settings and viola! There was the google chat forwarding option – and it was the current address.

I quickly picked up my cell phone and dialed my google voice number, and listened in joy and harmony as the phone attached to the Obi110 ObiTalk device rang the landline attached to it. In fact, I’m still listening to it.
It’s like elevator music, only there are no strangers around and you’re not actually going up or down. Whatever!
Glad this bleek is fixed. Hope this saves you some time and pain!


Google Multi Accounts Bleep

Okay – so I’ve got about three hundred email addresses! Maybe I’m exaggerating, but I certainly have at least 5 that I use regularly. Between my three businesses, my personal account, my wife’s account and the other account that you have because, you know, I constantly have multiple gmail windows open on my computer.

Here’s the Bleep that Quacks at me.
Gmail is a great thing. But the whole suite of apps – and google analytics, and google voice, and all the other amazing products all work based on your gmail account. SO – while you can have multiple accounts open, there can omnly be ONE BASE account for the other services.

Here’s how to manage multiple google accounts at once

Suggestion 1: Use multiple browsers

I often have one account open in chrome, one in firefox and a third in safari (no, I would NEVER use Internet Explorer – so don’t ask me!)

Suggestion 2: Use Google’s multiple accounts feature.

This works well, for gmail – but here’s the BLEEP
The first account you login with is given the id of 0 and is considered the base account. That’s the one that google will try to use for any other service they have (voice, analytics, ad sense, what have ya’).
The next account you login with will be given an id of 1, and the next – 2, and so on.
The minute you need to access another product that is not part of the gapps suite, you’ll need to LOG OUT OF THIS USER AND LOGIN AS A DIFFERENT ONE. When you click that link, you lose every other google authenticated service in ever other window, and the one you just logged in with becomes “0″. (the main account)

So – if you use suggestion 2, make sure to think ahead before you login to your first gmail account and make sure you’re logging into the one you want to be root first, or else – ya know, “BLEEP you Google!” is what you’ll be Quacking.

Do you have a better technique? I’d love to learn.


QuickBooks OLSU-1022 Bleep!

On trying to update financial institutions for online banking or setting up a new bank account, my Quickbooks 2013 was giving me this error:

An Error occurred while updating the branding files! Please restart the Online Banking Setup Wizard to initiate the update process again.

Here is what Quickbooks reccommended (which did NOT work)
(skip to the solution)

How to fix it

Solution 1:  To resolve this issue, please update your program to the most current release.

Solution 2:  Update the Financial Institution directory to the most recent version:

  1. Browse to the location of the fidir.txt file on the affected computer.  Note: If you do not see the folders, you will need to enable Hidden Files and Folders.
    • Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista:
      • C:\ProgramData\Intuit\QuickBooks XXXX\Components\OLB\branding\filist (XXXX= your year of QuickBooks)
    • Windows XP:
      • C:\Documents & Settings\All Users\Application Data\Intuit\QuickBooks XXXX\Components\OLB\branding\filist (XXXX= your year of QuickBooks)
  2. Rename the fidir.txt file:
    1. Right-click on fidir.txt and select Rename.
    2. Change .txt to .old, and then click outside the field to save the name change.
  3. Download the latest fidir.txt file and save it to your desktop:
    1. Right-click the following link, fidir.txt and select Save Target As.
    2. Click the Save in window drop-down arrow and select Desktop.
    3. Click Save, then click the Close button on the Download complete window.
  4. Right-click the fidir.txt file located on the Desktop and select Copy.
  5. Right-click the Start button, select MyComputer (or Computer) and browse to the location of the filist folder (from step 1 above).
  6. Right-click within the filist folder and select Paste.

Solution 3:Repair Quickbooks

Solution 4:  Edit the fidir.txt preferences

  1. Go location of fidir.txt (from step 1 above).
  2. Right click on the file and select Properties.
  3. Check the box that says read-only.

So, I did that but still no luck, then I called and spent half my life waiting on the phone with support only to be told I’d need to PAY for support to try and figure out a solution. NO ONE online in the forums had a clue, and repairing the install did not help.

In desperation, I completely uninstalled and reinstalled the program, still no dice.


It’s a PERMISSIONS problem with your folders.
Close your Quickbooks, and right click the .exe icon to run the program, RUN AS and enter your administrator credentials and viola! Your branding files update JUST FINE!

Thank you QB! (Shame on you!)