QuickBooks OLSU-1022 Bleep!

On trying to update financial institutions for online banking or setting up a new bank account, my Quickbooks 2013 was giving me this error:

An Error occurred while updating the branding files! Please restart the Online Banking Setup Wizard to initiate the update process again.

Here is what Quickbooks reccommended (which did NOT work)
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How to fix it

Solution 1:  To resolve this issue, please update your program to the most current release.

Solution 2:  Update the Financial Institution directory to the most recent version:

  1. Browse to the location of the fidir.txt file on the affected computer.  Note: If you do not see the folders, you will need to enable Hidden Files and Folders.
    • Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista:
      • C:\ProgramData\Intuit\QuickBooks XXXX\Components\OLB\branding\filist (XXXX= your year of QuickBooks)
    • Windows XP:
      • C:\Documents & Settings\All Users\Application Data\Intuit\QuickBooks XXXX\Components\OLB\branding\filist (XXXX= your year of QuickBooks)
  2. Rename the fidir.txt file:
    1. Right-click on fidir.txt and select Rename.
    2. Change .txt to .old, and then click outside the field to save the name change.
  3. Download the latest fidir.txt file and save it to your desktop:
    1. Right-click the following link, fidir.txt and select Save Target As.
    2. Click the Save in window drop-down arrow and select Desktop.
    3. Click Save, then click the Close button on the Download complete window.
  4. Right-click the fidir.txt file located on the Desktop and select Copy.
  5. Right-click the Start button, select MyComputer (or Computer) and browse to the location of the filist folder (from step 1 above).
  6. Right-click within the filist folder and select Paste.

Solution 3:Repair Quickbooks

Solution 4:  Edit the fidir.txt preferences

  1. Go location of fidir.txt (from step 1 above).
  2. Right click on the file and select Properties.
  3. Check the box that says read-only.

So, I did that but still no luck, then I called and spent half my life waiting on the phone with support only to be told I’d need to PAY for support to try and figure out a solution. NO ONE online in the forums had a clue, and repairing the install did not help.

In desperation, I completely uninstalled and reinstalled the program, still no dice.


It’s a PERMISSIONS problem with your folders.
Close your Quickbooks, and right click the .exe icon to run the program, RUN AS and enter your administrator credentials and viola! Your branding files update JUST FINE!

Thank you QB! (Shame on you!)