AliPay Contact info

So I was trying to pay for something on Ali Express, and they closed my order – effectively cancleing it.
They said they needed me to verify my credit card info and identity.
Fair enough.
What’s the procedure?
(enter the “you’ve got to be kidding me” experience)
First, click on “make a claim” about the order.
Then find the link to upload your docs.
Now, choose the docs you want to upload, one at a time.
Oops- the message field is mandatory…
Now submit.
Now wait.
oooops – your request timed out.
Okay – do it again.
Find the help documents…fast forward half an hour….
okay – clear cookies, use firefox or internet explorer….
So I contact customer care.
Oh wait – how do you contact customer care?!

Okay – found it –
Hey tels me “sorry, nothing to do about payments until the am (in china) when the alipay dept gets up and gets to work.

Fine, how do I get a hold of them?
“wait – i’ll look it up”

At any rate – here is the contact info for alipay’s payment experts and billing team:


If you want to call them – here is a great resource I found online: