Google Multi Accounts Bleep

Okay – so I’ve got about three hundred email addresses! Maybe I’m exaggerating, but I certainly have at least 5 that I use regularly. Between my three businesses, my personal account, my wife’s account and the other account that you have because, you know, I constantly have multiple gmail windows open on my computer.

Here’s the Bleep that Quacks at me.
Gmail is a great thing. But the whole suite of apps – and google analytics, and google voice, and all the other amazing products all work based on your gmail account. SO – while you can have multiple accounts open, there can omnly be ONE BASE account for the other services.

Here’s how to manage multiple google accounts at once

Suggestion 1: Use multiple browsers

I often have one account open in chrome, one in firefox and a third in safari (no, I would NEVER use Internet Explorer – so don’t ask me!)

Suggestion 2: Use Google’s multiple accounts feature.

This works well, for gmail – but here’s the BLEEP
The first account you login with is given the id of 0 and is considered the base account. That’s the one that google will try to use for any other service they have (voice, analytics, ad sense, what have ya’).
The next account you login with will be given an id of 1, and the next – 2, and so on.
The minute you need to access another product that is not part of the gapps suite, you’ll need to LOG OUT OF THIS USER AND LOGIN AS A DIFFERENT ONE. When you click that link, you lose every other google authenticated service in ever other window, and the one you just logged in with becomes “0″. (the main account)

So – if you use suggestion 2, make sure to think ahead before you login to your first gmail account and make sure you’re logging into the one you want to be root first, or else – ya know, “BLEEP you Google!” is what you’ll be Quacking.

Do you have a better technique? I’d love to learn.

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